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IUU100 series

100W Industrial U-Bracket Switching Power Supplies

● Single Output
● Class I
● Size: 3"x5"x1.18"
● Wide Operating Voltage 90 to 260 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz
● Input Connector (3 pins)
● Over Voltage and Over Load Protection
● Active Power Factor Correction
● 5-Year Warranty

Model No. Output Voltage(VDC) Output Current(A) Max. Output Power(W) Safety Approvals
Model No.:*IUU100-101 Output Voltage(VDC):3.0~5.0 Output Current(A):18.00~10.80 Max. Output Power(W):54 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-102 Output Voltage(VDC):5.0~6.0 Output Current(A):14.00~11.66 Max. Output Power(W):70 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-103 Output Voltage(VDC):6.0~9.0 Output Current(A):13.33~8.88 Max. Output Power(W):80 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-104 Output Voltage(VDC):9.0~11.0 Output Current(A):11.11~9.09 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-105 Output Voltage(VDC):11.0~13.0 Output Current(A):9.09~7.69 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-106 Output Voltage(VDC):13.0~16.0 Output Current(A):7.69~6.25 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-107 Output Voltage(VDC):16.0~21.0 Output Current(A):6.25~4.76 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Model No.:IUU100-108 Output Voltage(VDC):21.0~27.0 Output Current(A):4.76~3.70 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-109 Output Voltage(VDC):27.0~33.0 Output Current(A):3.70~3.03 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-110 Output Voltage(VDC):33.0~40.0 Output Current(A):3.03~2.50 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Model No.:*IUU100-111 Output Voltage(VDC):40.0~50.0 Output Current(A):2.50~2.00 Max. Output Power(W):100 下载 :More
Type File Name Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-IBU100,IBU101,IUU100,IUU101-UL Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-IBU100,IBU101,IUU100,IUU101-CB Download : Download
Type:Datasheet File Name:SINPRO-IUU100-DATASHEET Download : Download
The IUU100 series of AC/DC switching mode power supplies provide 100 Watts of continuous output power. All models meet FCC Part-15 class B and CISPR-22 class B emission limits and are designed to comply with UL/c-UL marking conformity assessment. All units pass burn-in test at full load condition.

Electrical Characteristics
● Efficiency: 70~85%
● Line Regulation: 1% (max.)
● Load Regulation: 5% (max.)
● Hold-Up Time: 16mS (min.)
● Output Ripple and Noise: 0.5% (typ.)
   (The Ripple & Noise is under 3.3VDC at 2% max.)
● Operating Temperature: -20 to +70°C
   (Derate linearly from 100% load at 50°C to 50% load at 70°C)
● Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C
● Operating Humidity: 0~95%
● Storage Humidity: 0~95%
● MTBF: 100,000 calculated hours

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