Company Profile
As a total solution provider in the power electronics industry, Sinpro Electronics, founded in 1995, is a leading manufacturer and designer of power electronics products in Taiwan and is specializing in helping customers address power challenges by customizing and designing power electronics products.
Our product portfolio ranges from AC DC switching power supplies in various formats and in a broad range of output voltage and power (open frame power supplies, wall mount power supplies, desktop power supplies, medical power supplies, ITE power supplies, industrial power supplies, etc.), LED drivers, and DC-DC converters. All products are manufactured at our ISO9001:2015-, ISO14001:2015-, and IATF16949:2016- certified factory.
On the 27-year basis of achievement in the power electronics industry, Sinpro's Electric Vehicle Technology R&D Team places emphasis on developing high-end EV products for the increasingly growing demand for green power technology, such as IPMSM EV motors, motor controllers, DC chargers that can be used in the industrial fields or applied to electric bicycles, electric scooters, golf carts, etc.

Pursuing 7 major concepts and paying close attention to our customers, we have proficiency in providing you with the best solution and one-stop service in the power electronics field. From professional technical expertise to quality product solutions, Sinpro delivers exclusive and personalized resources that particularly fulfill your needs. The Taiwan Excellence Awards, Golden Root Awards, Rising Star Awards, and National Awards of Outstanding SMEs are the awards we are rewarded with, and from a certain perspective, are a recognition for our long-lasting high-quality service and production policies.

We’re able to provide you with a reliable total solution and suggestion in the power electronics industry to help you achieve industry-leading performance and create a greater business future.
Mission Statement

| To Make A Better World To Live In and To Build Sustainable Business Management & Value |
We constantly innovate and improve the power electronics technology, put the energy-saving plan into practice, and deem them as a core part of who we are.

Vision Statement

| To Be Your Best Power Electronics Partner |
We supply you with quality products, advanced technology, and speedy service to help you achieve the industry-leading performance.

Core Values
Our culture is established on 7 major concepts where we build a close relationship with our suppliers, customers, as well as employees. This is what makes us better equipped to reach the goals of sustainable development.

  • S ServiceWe build a close relationship with our customers by providing quality service capabilities ranging from professional technical expertise to product solutions.
  • S SpeedWe put emphasis on increasing our service speed on the basis of our high level of proficiency in a wide range of services, specializing in power electronics technology, international regulations/standards, etc.
  • I InnovationWe take an active role in the development of innovations in everything we do and constantly push the boundaries of innovations so that we help our customers to innovate faster at the same time.
  • N NimblenessWe never stop observing the market change along with the feedback from our customers, and we take immediate actions and adopt forward-looking strategies to fit the rapid change of global business.
  • P ParticipationWe don’t leave our partners behind as we grow with them, listen to them, and provide encouragement to them.
  • R ResponsibilityWe are eager to give back to our communities, environment, and customers. This sense of responsibility is a core part of making us trustworthy and making the world a more humane place.
  • O OptimismWe embrace every ongoing opportunity to grow, and over time, when we look back, success always follows. This is the essence that takes where we are now and where we will be in the future.