Work Environment
In this family-like culture, we do all we can to take care of every Sinployee's needs in the workplace and daily life whichever is food, training, housing, transportation, entertainment, so that our members can balance their work and life comfortably.
  • AC system
  • Dormitory
  • Fitness equipment, table tennis table, foosball table
  • Basketball court, volleyball court
  • Free coffee (popular coffee brand)

Comfortable workplace

Fitness & Recreation center

Multifunctional meeting room 

Employee Wellness
Considering employees as our important and most valuable asset, we care and support what they need at work and in their daily life. We provide a free health screening each year; meanwhile, celebrations and non-scheduled art & cultural activities are held (e.g. Lunar New Year’s celebration at the factory, light travel, family day, movie watching) where our members can find the balance to their body, mind, and soul.

Free health screening

Light travel

Lunar New Year's celebration

Compensation & Benefits
To ensure the best human capital management and enterprise competitiveness, we set up an equitable compensation and benefits system which helps the business growth, harmonizes the labor relations, supports the life of our members, and prizes those who have a great contribution to the company.

Compensation policy: The financial rewards are paid according to the employee’s contribution and the efforts one has made to generate the company’s profits. In other words, the compensation policy is based on the job’s significance, complexity, range, level, and individual performance.

Job evaluation: The pay grades are built in a scientific & quantitative method to offer reasonable rewards respectively to the employees in the position of management, technical development, or administration.

Meeting labor market needs: The compensation is determined and adjusted on the basis of supply and demand at work in labor markets, which attracts top talents and offers them a healthy workplace.


  • Education training/On-the-job training
  • Free vegie-based lunch
  • Proposal reward
  • Dividend, subscription
  • Performance reward
  • Holiday bonus/gift (Lunar New Year, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival)
  • Group insurance/Travel insurance
  • Travel subsidy (domestic and overseas)
  • Birthday party, birthday voucher
  • Marriage subsidy, death grant
  • Free health screening
  • Uniforms
  • Staff parking
  • Dining room
  • Nursing room

On-the-job training

Free vegie-based lunch

Birthday party