Corporate Social Responsibility
Globalization has made countries, societies, corporates, and individuals closely related. A corporate most of the time plays a critical role in the world, financial, and cultural development; meanwhile, it provides employment opportunities as well as resources needed for the growth of overall society.

Sinpro Electronics has been dedicated to developing the core technology of power electronics since its foundation in 1995. We provide a series of medical power supplies, ITE power supplies, and industrial power supplies to the global market. In 2018, our EV Technology Department was established along with the ESG policy.
The social responsibility initiatives we take can be broken into four categories: trust-building in relationships, regulatory compliance, environmental protection, and value feedback loop creating.

Trust-Building in Relationships
● Human Rights: To implement our human rights policy, we follow Personal Data Protection Act, Labor Standards Act, Gender Equality, Maternity Health Protection, etc., and any workplace violence is strictly prohibited.
● Supply Chain Management: We build a stable sustainable supply chain and partner with our suppliers to perform the responsibility on corporate sustainability.
● Consumer Rights: We systematize the customer service to ensure that we can establish a close relationship with our global customers and fulfill their needs in a timely manner; to show the consistent quality of our products and services, we participate in the competition of the Taiwan Excellence Awards every year.
● Shareholder Rights: The operating report will be presented punctually according to the schedule. Sinpro has been observed and evaluated by the national business management specialists and is rewarded with The Ministry of Economic Affairs-Rising Star Award, Ministry of Economic Affairs-National Award of Outstanding SMEs, Taiwan Industrial Technology Association-The Golden Root Award, and The Chinese Institute of Electrical Engineering-Best Motor Group Award.

Regulatory Compliance
We hire people with special physical needs and are committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment strictly in accordance with labor law and human rights law.

Environmental Protection
● Green Production: Solar power system is fully installed at Sinpro’s factory in Pingtung. The production procedure adheres to ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, and all the products are RoHS compliant.
● Carbon Emission: Lighting control system is fully installed at Sinpro’s factory in Pingtung. Sinpro also provides Sinployees with free veggie lunch, and the reusable food ware is encouraged to be used rather than single-use one to reduce the amount of waste.

Value Feedback Loop
At Sinpro, we adopt a people-oriented approach and respect for every individual. We especially care about our next generation and wish them to be standing on our shoulders to broaden their horizons; hence, we open studying classes for teenagers, put our resources on them, and we truly know that this can lead to a positive cycle which will expand to various fields and build a sustainable value.