Amazing Solution for Medical & ITE Industries Is Born

Pingtung City, Taiwan (November 01, 2021) — Being innovative and revolutionary is one of the commitments Sinpro honors. For all these years, a number of competitive electronics options and solutions are provided, which has successfully helped our global customers create a greater business future.
With a view to taking the medical and I.T.E.
industries to the next level, a new series of AC-DC power supplies with medical & I.T.E. approvals is born — HBU250.

The HBU250 series provides 250W output power and offers options for open frame and cover with fan.
The HBU250 series provides 250W output power and offers options for open frame and cover with fan.
(November 01, 2021. / Molly Chiu)

The HBU250 series is an open frame power supply with medical and I.T.E. safety approvals that provides 250W output power at efficiency up to 93% with a peak power of 300W and is available in 12v-48v output with options for open frame and cover with fan. The power supplies carry comprehensive safety certificates and markings including CE, CB, UKCA, etc. that allows the series for global selling.

Highlighted by its compact size of 2”x4”x1.28”, the HBU250 series provides a high power density of 25.41W/in³ and offers an advanced solution for medical and ITE applications where IEC60601-1:3.2 ed. & IEC62368-1:2.0 ed. are required. The power supplies can regularly operate over a -40 to +70°C temperature range as well as at altitudes up to 7000 meters, and be used in the installation of safety class I and class II as the HBU250 series meets the requirement of EMC when the ferrite core is inserted properly. These new power models meet DoE VI and CoC V5 efficiency standards while featuring safety protections of OVP, OCP, OTP, and SCP.

The HBU250 series is highly suitable for medical and I.T.E. equipment that is powered by a motor, such as breathing devices, infusion pumps, etc. as the series is designed to feature an enhanced peak power capability to meet the motor starting currents.
The attractive features and designs of HBU250 allow the series to be perfectly used for any space-restricted applications and to fulfill all installation needs while versatile mounting options are presented.

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