Developing Power Electronics Products While Creating A Sustainable Future

Pingtung City, Taiwan (April 29, 2022) — Sinpro Electronics specializes in helping customers address power challenges by customizing and designing power electronics products. In response to the rising green technology demands in recent years, Sinpro presents the EV One-Stop-Service, consisting of hardware, software, as well as firmware, which takes EV manufacturing to new heights and has become a popular product for domestic and overseas electric vehicle assembly plants.
Sinpro, along the way, has constantly improved the power electronics technology while consistently creating a greener living environment by conducting a series of approaches towards environmental and economical sustainability. To approach the targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Sinpro has taken action on ESG issues where green policy can be fully implemented.

To approach the targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions, Sinpro has taken action on ESG issues where green policy can be fully implemented.

(April 29, 2022. / Molly Chiu)
Green Marketing
Sinpro promotes sustainable core values to the suppliers as well as the customers and at every touchpoint encourages them to be environmentally conscious. At the same time, the product production has always been considered to have the least impact on the environment as possible while satisfying market needs.
Green Production
The solar power system is fully installed at the factory to produce green energy, and the recyclable and reusable electricity is used during the product test procedures. Meanwhile, the cleaner production assessment projects are conducted to reduce environmental risks and achieve sustainable industrial development; the production procedure adheres to IATF16949, ISO9001, and ISO14001 standards. All products are RoHS and REACH compliant and meet the non-conflict minerals policy.
Energy Efficiency Standards
Sinpro’s products are designed to meet the international energy efficiency standards to carry out the savings on energy and economy, which lowers greenhouse gas emissions and the use of water.
Carbon Emission
Aiming to take part in the fight against global warming, Sinpro sticks firmly to the sustainable development policies that are stated in the ESG regulations and carries out the environmental strategies and goals set up in the annual general meeting.
The use of raw materials, waste disposal, and energy consumption are one of the major issues that need to be considered and addressed seriously in product design as a way to reduce excessive waste of materials and resources. In Sinpro, the products are developed based on low carbon concept and are designed to be more compact, simple, robust, energy-efficient, and human, which may as well reduce the expenses including the transportation, storage, packaging, energy usage, etc. Regarding waste management, the WEEE items are discarded following the WEEE directive to contribute to the circular economy and improve sustainable production as well as consumption.
To take further steps and initiatives to reduce waste and carbon emissions, Sinpro provides Sinployees with free veggie lunch while the reusable food ware is encouraged to be used rather than the single-use one.
Sinpro has dedicated itself to increasing the value of transportation, medical treatment, and communication while reaching the goal of carbon reduction and green environment establishment by following the international environmental agreements all the way from product designing, purchasing, producing, selling, to recycling. On the basis of the implemented policies, Sinpro actively builds environmental awareness among the Sinployees, suppliers, and customers and wishes to leave our next generations a better environment to live in.

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