Sinpro is awarded with the Excellence in Innovation Award in the 2023 Pingtung Prominent Enterprise Awards

Pingtung City, Taiwan (May 24, 2023) — Pingtung County Government presented the five Prominent Enterprises Awards and held the awards ceremony tonight. Sinpro is recognized and awarded as one of the 2023 Prominent Enterprises in the category of research and development.

(May 24, 2023.)

Pingtung Prominent Enterprise Awards are to give appreciation and honor to those enterprises who have achieved high competitiveness in the international market and brought positive influences to local development.
Excellence in Innovation Award is one of the Pingtung Prominent Enterprise Awards that mainly honors the companies that have attained both domestic and international patents by making significant investments in research and development, showcasing a well-defined roadmap for future growth.
This accolade is a recognition of Sinpro’s innovative approach, contributions to the field, and the positive influences we have made in Pintung and beyond.

(May 24, 2023.)
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