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7.6kW Motor for EV & Motor Controller

Motor: MVWF7K6-102
Motor Controller: DVWF7K6-102

Safety Approvals
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SVW7FK6-102 EV electric motor and motor speed controller is an EV power system that is selected for the 2022 Taiwan Excellence Awards.

SVW7FK6-102 is an EV power system consisting of an electric motor that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy and an electric motor speed controller that adjusts speed and acceleration.
MVWF7K6-102 is a 3 phase brushless AC IPMSM (Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) that provides 7.6kW power to the wheels at efficiency up to 90% and features a compact size of 243mm x 186.2mm x 157.4mm and a weight of 10.5 KG.
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DVWF7K6-102 is a motor controller that helps control the power generated from MVWF7K6-102. With an embedded AI algorithm, the controller provides 96% of high efficiency at 5400RPM and allows the system to efficiently recharge the battery during braking.
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SVW7FK6-102 is an ideal and reliable EV power system for electric bicycles, electric scooters, golf carts, mobility scooters, and so forth. It is highly suitable for intelligent manufacturing, meets RoHS & REACH regulations and complies with the relevant European safety requirements. The system also features a series of safety protection designs including the enhanced structure, IPX6 protection, over-temperature protection (NTC thermistor), etc.

Two racing scooters carrying Sinpro motor and motor controller finish in 1st and 2nd place among the scooters with the same output power in the 2021 UCRR Electric Moto Sport (EMS).
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Scooters carrying SInpro's 7.6KW electric motor and motor controller finish in 1st and 2nd place among the scooters with the same output power.

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