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3-Phase Electric Motor Controller

● Rated input voltage: 96 Vdc
● Output voltage: 39 Vac, 3 phase
● Output power: 7600W
● Output current: 160A

Safety Approvals
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DVWF7K6-102 is the motor controller that helps control the power generated from MVWF7K6-102. With an embedded AI algorithm, the controller provides 96% of high efficiency at 5400RPM and allows the system to efficiently recharge the battery during braking. The improved structure between terminal & case and comprehensive safety designs (IPX6 protection, NTC thermistor, etc.) enable the controller to offer high durability. The motor controller can be used in the industrial fields or applied to EV such as electric bicycles, electric scooters, golf carts, mobility scooters, etc.
● Rated input voltage: 96 Vdc
● Output voltage: 39 Vac, 3 phase
● Output power: 7600W
● Output current: 160A

● Compact in size and light in weight.
● Eco-friendly & safe to use: Made by non-toxic materials, and complies with the relevant European safety requirements.
● Safety in design: Key switch.
● Energy efficiency: The embedded AI algorithm allows the motor to operate in high efficiency; additionally, the system can reuse the power and recharge the battery when braking.
● High durability: The enhanced structure between terminal & case, simplified design of the bottom case, and the IPX6 protection make it can be used in various special environments.
● Over-temperature protection: The NTC thermistor is being used in the circuit for controller protection against overheats.
● The GPIO and independent source allow the controller to be fitted to any electric motor.
● Customization: Device drivers, control handles, etc.

Note: DVWF7K6-102 Motor Controller can reach its best performance and efficiency when working with MVWF7K6-102 Electric Motor. 
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Two racing scooters carrying Sinpro’s motor and motor controller finish in 1st and 2nd place among the scooters with the same output power in the 2021 UCRR Electric Moto Sport (EMS).
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