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250W Medical & I.T.E. Enclosed Switching Power Supplies with Fan

● Size: 2.48" x 4.79" x 2.00"
● Safety: 60601 3.1, 60601 3.2, 62368 2nd, 62368 3rd
● Class I or Class II
● Operating Voltage: 85-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz
● Single Output
● Protection: SCP, OLP, OVP, OTP
● High Surge Immunity
● Efficiency Up to 93%
● Peak 300W (90 to 264 VAC)
● Suitable for Medical/Healthcare and ITE Equipment
● 3-Year Warranty

Model No. Output Voltage(VDC) Output Current(A) Max. Output Power(W) Safety Approvals
Model No.:HEU250B-105F Output Voltage(VDC):12 Output Current(A):20.83 Max. Output Power(W):250 下载 :More
Model No.:HEU250B-106F Output Voltage(VDC):15 Output Current(A):16.66 Max. Output Power(W):250 下载 :More
Model No.:HEU250B-107F Output Voltage(VDC):19 Output Current(A):13.15 Max. Output Power(W):250 下载 :More
Model No.:HEU250B-108F Output Voltage(VDC):24 Output Current(A):10.41 Max. Output Power(W):250 下载 :More
Model No.:HEU250B-109F Output Voltage(VDC):30 Output Current(A):8.32 Max. Output Power(W):250 下载 :More
Model No.:HEU250B-110F Output Voltage(VDC):36 Output Current(A):6.94 Max. Output Power(W):250 下载 :More
Model No.:HEU250B-111F Output Voltage(VDC):48 Output Current(A):5.20 Max. Output Power(W):250 下载 :More
Type File Name Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-CCC(MIC) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F(62368 Ed.3)-CB Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-CCC(MIT) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-CB(ITE2.2) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-EMC(EN60601,EN55011) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-TUV(MED3.1) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-TUV Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-CB(MED3.1) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-CB(MED3.2) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-UL(Medical) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-UL(ITE) Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F(62368 Ed.2)-CB Download : Download
Type:Safety Certificate File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-EMC(EN55032,EN55035) Download : Download
Type:Datasheet File Name:SINPRO-HBU250,HEU250,HEU250A-F,HEU250B-F-DATASHEET Download : Download
The HEU250B-F series is a power supply with medical and ITE safety approvals and is protected by a stainless steel cover which ensures a high degree of tolerance against certain compressions or physical impacts. For the HEU250B-F series, a fan is installed inside of the cover to help with heat dissipation.
The series provides 250W output power at efficiencies up to 93% with a peak power of 300W and is available in 12v-48v output with options for open frame (2”x4”x1.28”) and cover with fan; for rail mount option, please contact our sales rep.
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HBU250 Series
(open frame)
HEU250 Series
(with cover)
HEU250A-F Series
(with a fan outside the cover)

The power modules can operate in an operating temperature range of -40 to +70°C with a 7000M altitude operational ability. The power supplies are burn-in test conducted and offer class I/class II operation, low leakage current, low inrush current, overload protection (OLP), overvoltage protection (OVP), over-temperature protection (OTP), short circuit protection (SCP), and 2 x MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) classification to ensure the safety of the patient, caregiver, and device in which the power supply is installed. The series owns comprehensive protection designs along with all-inclusive safety certifications (CB, CE, UKCA, UL, TUV, CCC, etc.) and conforms to major international safety standards including IEC/UL/EN/CAN/CSA C22.2 62368-1, and IEC/ES/EN/CAN/CSA C22.2 60601-1. All modules are fully compliant with RoHS directive.
The HEU250B-F switching power supplies are highly suitable for medical equipment (e.g. medical steam sterilizers) or device that is powered by a motor, such as breathing devices, infusion pumps, etc. as the series is designed to feature an enhanced peak power capability to meet the motor starting currents.
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Compact Size
The size of a power supply usually has a critical influence on the end-equipment design flexibility either on medical equipment or I.T.E. equipment. The smaller the power supply is, the higher the end-equipment design flexibility will be. However, the small footprint design usually faces a technical challenge which is the poor performance of the heat dissipation efficiency and power density.
The HEU250B-F series, on the other hand, provides 25.41W/in3 high power density and an exceptional heat dissipation efficiency while still maintaining the small size of design.
300W High Peak Power Sustainability
The HEU250B-F series is the first power supply in Taiwan that covers peak power testing in the CB reports for IEC62368-1, IEC60601-1 Ed. 3.1, and IEC60601-1 Ed. 3.2. The series can sustain peak power up to 300W for 3 seconds due to the enhanced heat dissipation property and improved transient response. The design can particularly satisfy the demands of the medical equipment that is powered by a motor such as breathing devices and hemodialysis machines where high starting currents are required.
Wide Operating Temperature
The HEU250B-F series can work flawlessly in extremely hot or cold environments as it offers a wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C.
Low Inrush Current
The design of the HEU250B-F series not only reduces the inrush current up to 50% compared with the power supplies on the market but effectively prevents the breakers from tripping and lowers the power loss as well as the working temperature when operating, which leads to better energy saving and a longer product lifetime.
High Safety Protection to the Patients & Caregivers
The leakage current can be hazardous if it exceeds the permissible limit especially when in medical applications where a small current might be fatal to weak patients who are more vulnerable to electric shocks.
To ensure the leakage current cannot harm the patients and caregivers who frequently come into contact with the medical devices, the HEU250B-F series is designed to greatly reduce the value of leakage current.

Electrical Characteristics
● Efficiency: 93%
● Line Regulation: 1% (max.)
● Hold-Up Time: 10ms (min.)
● Output Ripple and Noise: 108~300 mV
● Operating Temperature: -40 to +70°C
● Storage Temperature: -40 to +85°C
● Operating Humidity: 0~95% RH
● Storage Humidity: 0~95% RH
● MTBF: 150,000 calculated hours

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