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150W DC-DC Converter for Electric Vehicles (EVs)

● Single Output
● C.C. Mode + C.V. Mode
● Wide Operating Voltage 28 to 59 VDC
● Constant Current: 12A
● Constant Voltage: 14.2V
● Built-In OR-ing Diode
● Protection: Output OVP, OLP, OTP, Input/Output Reverse Polarity Protection
● 3-Year Warranty

Model No. Setting Voltage Range(VDC) Max. Current(A) Max. Output Power Safety Approvals
Model No.:VED150-106 Setting Voltage Range(VDC):14.2 VDC Max. Current(A):10.4 Max. Output Power:150 下载 :More
Type File Name Download
Type:Datasheet File Name:SINPRO-VED150-DATASHEET Download : Download
VED150-106 is a DC-DC converter for electric vehicles providing 150W continuous output power with a 28-59 VDC input range. Featuring a constant current and constant voltage mode (CC & CV mode), the converter steadily offers a single output voltage of 14.2v and an output current of 10.4A. It delivers a typical power efficiency of up to 89% and a wide operating temperature of -20~+70°C.
Being a class II DC-DC converter, VED150-106 owns several safety protections, including overvoltage protection (OVP), overload protection (OLP), over-temperature protection (OTP), input/output reverse polarity protection, short circuit protection (latch type), and a built-in ORing diode. VED150-106 is an IP67 rated product while it is protected against dust, sand, and water. All units pass the burn-in test at full load condition and are fully compliant with RoHS directive.
VED150-106 is ideal for use in two- or three-wheelers such as electric bikes, E-scooters, etc.

Electrical Characteristics
● Efficiency: 89% (typ.)
● Line Regulation: 1% (max.)
● Load Regulation: 5%

● Operating Temperature: -20 to +70°C
● Storage Temperature: -30 to +80°C
● Operating Humidity: 0~95%
● Storage Humidity: 0~95%
● MTBF: 100,000 calculated hours

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